What to Include in your Custom Calendar

Choosing calendar images

Calendar Components Explained

Before you order your custom calendars, read this guide.

Producing a branded calendar requires quite a few decisions. Choosing your calendar style and deciding what information to include are important first steps.

Think about:

  1. Reader information
    What will my buyer want to see? Who is in your target audience, and what information will be valuable to them?

  2. Promotional content
    What information about your business or organisation do you want to be seen and remembered. Your calendar is a marketing tool for the whole year, so make the most of that exposure.

  3. What you should leave out

    Clutter is the enemy of clear communication. Only include information that your ideal viewer will appreciate personally – and what they need to engage with your business.

    Here’s our alphabetical list of potential calendar components. 

    Back cover options
    Thumbnail images of each month image
    Another single image
    Information about your business or organisation
    Sponsor logos/information

    Contact details
    Why and how do you want the viewer to contact you? Don’t include any information that’s superfluous, as it causes clutter and can distract from what you really want to be read.

    Cover Image
    Your cover is your calendar first impression, so make it a good one. Leading with a stunning image will help drive interest and sales.

    Cover Title
    If the calendar has a theme, include that in the title.

    Consider the localities where your calendars will be sold/distributed
    You may include National holidays
    Specific state public holidays, or holidays for all states
    School term dates – buyer age demographic will influence whether you include these

    Image captions/descriptions/quotes
    These can be superimposed on your month image, or positioned below the image. Limiting the number of words is a good idea – too much text causes visual clutter and is less likely to be read

    Image Orientation
    For the most pleasing and professional calendar, choose images with the same orientation.

    If you have a logo, definitely include it. Your logo is the shorthand for your brand and organisation. Seeing it regularly will help keep you top of mind.

    Mini Images
    To increase the total number of images in your calendar, you can include mini images in the spare slots on the date grid of some wall calendars.

    Moon phases
    Icons can be positioned below the calendar grid with dates, shown, or on the actual date on the grid

    Offer details
    Promote special offers for your organisation on the calendar grid – or offer this option to sponsors

    If your business or organisation has a slogan or tag line, use it!

    Special dates and Event dates
    Will your target audience appreciate more than gazetted public holidays?
    Eg RUOK day etc
    Are there event dates for your organisation that you want to publicise?

    Sponsor details
    For maximum impact, include on the calendar page for each month

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